Top 3 free Artificial Intelligence courses available on the Internet

Artificial Intelligence has taken the tech world by storm. Techies around the world are flocking to AI events and signing up to AI courses. This isn't just another wave of technology, it is here to stay and most probably it will affect everything around us.

If your inner geek has awaken and even you want to learn a bit of AI (or more), here's a list of the top 3 artificial intelligence courses available on the internet:-

1) Andrew Ng's Coursera course

This course offers a great opportunity to learn AI from Andrew Ng, who is the founder of Google's Deep Learning Research Unit, Google brain and Head of AI for Baidu, a Chinese Multinational Technology Company.

The course covers a broad range of topics ranging from enhanced web search to speech recognition. Technical knowledge is also imparted along with a MATLAB tutorial

The whole course can be taken for free, but certification definitely requires payment.

2) Udacity course

This AI course on the 2nd most popular EdTech P…

Go Pro Hero 7 Black vs 7 Silver vs 7 White: Which one should you go for?

Go Pro has taken over the world! With it's new line up of the Hero 7 series, the camera company hopes that adoption of action cameras would increase manifold. There's something for everyone this time around.

Go Pro has released 3 versions : Hero 7 Black, Hero 7 Silver, Hero 7 White.

Cost : $399, $299, $199 respectively.

Each of these versions offer a different experience and different functionality.

Here's a comparison of the three Hero 7 versions: -

Looking at the above table, Hero 7 Black fits well for someone who is looking for a full blown experience. The Hero 7 Silver lies in the mid-tier and Hero 7 White is for someone looking for a beginner level experience.

That's not it. Below is a comparison video by on YouTube. I consider this to be one of the most comprehensive comparison videos out there on the web comparing these 3 version of Hero 7.

Check it out!

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Surface Go: Where is Microsoft going with this and does India need one?

For some time now we have been witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we (consumers) use laptops. The hybrid laptop/tablet culture has kicked in and tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Apple have leapt forward to get a hold of the big fish. Hardware companies like HP, Dell and Asus have come up with tantalizing form factors for the hybrids. The market for laptops/tablets is going through a tumultuous wave, one which will change the industry forever and for the good. Who is the winner over here? Is has to be the consumer.
What is the Surface Go?
A 10 inch hybrid tablet/laptop priced at $399 (~Rs.30,000) running Windows 10 S mode (that means it will run apps only from the Microsoft Store). The chipset is Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y chip. The new keyboard is adjusted to Surface's form factor and as per reviews it works like a charm. Microsoft is offering 4GB/8GB RAM and 64GB eMMC and 128GB SSD. Note that SSD is faster than eMMC (post coming out soon on the difference). It also comes …

First Look: Google's Project Jacquard, Levi's smart jacket

Ever wondered how it would feel to wear a jacket that performs actions on your smartphone with gestures? Well, nobody thought it would be possible, but Google had other plans!

Google' Project Jacquard has taken off with the introduction of Levi's new smart jacket and is set to take the world by storm.

It’s targeted at people who commute by bike, and I think the only people beyond that target market are going to be a few techies and people who just really like jean jackets. Also, it works with both Android and iPhone.

When you talk to both Levi’s and Google, they’re very eager to tell a design story about this jacket, not just a technology story. It comes out of a partnership between the clothing company and a small division of Google dedicated to experimentation. We’ve seen lots of weird projects inside Google’s ATAP, but most of them (like the ill-fated Project Ara) have ended up getting scuttled.
The Levi's Trucker jacket is currently available in the United States for $3…

Amazon Echo Spot: The smart alarm clock

Amazon recently released the Echo Spot at it's much hyped hardware event in Seattle. But what do we know about this new gadget from Amazon?
Well, Amazon Echo Spot is basically a smart alarm clock! Another addition to its lineup of echo devices.

The Amazon Echo Spot apart from being just an alarm clock can double up to make video calls and be connected to external speakers via cable or Bluetooth.


1) The Amazon Echo Spot comes with a tiny 2.5-inch screen and a more curved edge.

2) It easily fits on a bed-side table or space-deprived counter top.

3) Allows you to watch videos and make video calls.

4) Voice can be used to control the device.

Amazon Echo spot will release on 19 December and will cost $130.

Credits : The Verge, Techradar

Apple watch series 3: First look by The Verge

Smartwatches and smartphones are the buzzwords these days. There isn't a day when we don't get an update on what's going on in that tech front! Recently, Apple unvieled the watch series 3 and The Verge got a chance to have a good, deep look into it!


1) The Apple Watch Series 3 is the first to include LTE-compatibility. This means that you can now stream music and make phone calls without your phone in tow.

2) The new Apple Watch Series 3 costs $399 with cellular connectivity and $329 without it.

3) The Apple Watch Series 3, when connected to the iPhone, can offer up to three hours of talk time.

5) Orders start on September 15th. It'll be available on September 22nd. The Series 1 now starts at $249.

Watch out for the next update!

Credits: The Verge

How to create awesome headers for Facebook pages and Twitter handles

Facebook pages and Twitter handles work wonders for your business, if you create and share the right content on them. Apart from the content, the design of the page makes a big difference in attracting and retaining the right customers or just customers in general.

Most of the newbies and even experienced pros make this mistake of not creating compelling social media pages, something which instantly catches attention and even engages the audience for long.

But, we live in the 21st century, wherein social media is more than just a marketing tool and developers from across the globe have developed online design websites to help out people with lack of design sense.

"Canva makes your social media posts stand out of the crowd!"

Though the internet is full of such online tools, in my perspective Canva really stands out of the crowd.

Once you create your account on Canva, login and go to the dashboard. As you can see in the pic above, the dashboard showcases a variety of options to cho…