Top 5 cooking apps for android

Ever felt the urge of experimenting in kitchen and trying out new recipes. If yes, then your android phone is right there for your assistance. Google play store offers various kinds of cooking apps that provides all ranges of recipes ranging from most complex to simplest ones.

Here are some of the best ones:

It allows you to follow and get following from the cooking lovers all over the world. You can scan through around 150k  recipes just by mentioning ingredients. This app also allows you to upload your recipe pictures and post questions and get instant replies from the community.

It is the only app in the market that uses artificial intelligence engine to uncover recipes from any English language webpage. Chef Tap displays recipes in an easy-to-read format. This app can also import recipes from a website or blog and then you can scan through your imported recipes without any network connection.

In this app, you actually spin wheels based on which kind of meals you want to cook, the ingredients you want to use and also the time you want to devote to preparation. Best dishes can be searched easily based on rating and popularity.

It is one of the most convenient and fast recipe search app on android. Surprise me! is the fastest search option that offers any random recipe. Prestofind is an option that helps you grab recipes from the database based on specific categories.

This app is unique as it does not have its own central database. You start with an empty database and through your search, you can create your own local database. Whichever recipe you like, can be imported to "My CookBook".

So, now wear your aprons and start cooking!


  1. Cool apps! Thanks for sharing these apps. I used DinnerSpinner app and it works great. I use this app when I want to cook a new recipe, it really helps me.

  2. I have "My CookBook" apps in my iPhone 5. Almost every recipe, I know. I will try the other apps too. search here


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