How to receive Facebook notifications through SMS

Today's generation is hooked to Facebook 24x7! Constant notifications for comments, status updates, photographs etc. force you to stay connected to the internet almost all the time. But, there is no guarantee of a regular supply of 3G/2G data no matter how good the service may be. As a result, you may miss out on some action in between!

But Facebook is smart and understands your needs. Hence, it boasts a feature wherein you can receive important notifications via SMS. 

Follow these simple steps on your tablet or mobile to activate the service:-

Step 1> Open the Facebook application on your smartphone and go to 'Account Settings'.

Step 2> Now select 'Notifications'.

Step 3> Select 'Text Message' from the menu.

Step 4> Activate the text message service by entering and confirming your mobile number.

Step 5>  Now you can select what all notifications you want through the SMS service. 

Facebook notifications

NOTE- You can follow the same procedure on the desktop version of Facebook as well.

Stay notified, stay up to date with the activities on Facebook through SMS , just follow these simple steps!


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